Rig Auditor - Electrical


The Principal Specialist Electrical and Integrated Control Systems (ICS) is responsible through ADC, to conduct drilling rig equipment condition audits in accordance with ISO 19011 Guidelines for Management System Audits. 

The Electrical, ICS Principal Specialist is responsible to provide the Client with a valid assessment and report on the serviceability and functionality of software driven electronic control systems relating to the control of rig drilling and marine equipment and the availability, reliability and fit-for-purpose of all electrical equipment and systems relating to the control of rig power, drilling, hoisting, marine and safety critical (excluding BOP) equipment.

Furthermore, he may be required to provide specialist advice, operational support or training material to clients upon request.



Staff or Contractor



20+ years


Minimum Education

Degree level education or equivalent







  • Review of Electrical and Control System and Software Documentation
  • Visual inspection of Electrical and Control System Equipment
  • Interrogation of Alarm history and data records
  • Safe conduct of Functional Testing.
  • Production of all reports and documentation.
  • Evaluation and Production of Electrical and  ICS Test Schedules.





The Principal Specialist Electrical ICS is to work within the guidelines of the ADC Management Policy, ICS Standard Operating Procedures, Methodologies and ADC Checklists.



The Electrical ICS Principal Specialist will plan, organise, monitor testing and report on Integrated Control Systems aspects of each rig related project and shall be responsible for the following main tasks and activities:

  • Review and understand ADC generated materials and instructions with regards to Client audit requirements i.e. Project Journal.
  • Review and understand Client generated materials and instructions with regards to Client audit requirements i.e. Client Policy and Procedure, Drilling Programme, etc.
  • Confirm availability of applicable and relevant information and reference materials necessary to conduct the audit i.e. API, IMO, OEM, ISO, Classification, IEE, etc.
  • Identify gaps in audit checklists (e.g. TRAMS adx) in satisfying Client audit requirements; advise and assist assigned Project Engineer in developing checklists as required. This includes production of acceptance and integration testing plans. 
  • Acting as the responsible Electrical ICS Specialist within the audit team, advise, assist and report progress to the Lead Auditor on the Electrical and ICS aspects of the audit to enable test schedule creation and monitor. 
  • Acting as the responsible Electrical ICS Specialist within the audit team, conduct inspection tasks in accordance with ISO19011 on the rig control system equipment to include visual inspection (internal and external as required), witness of operations of equipment, witness system integration testing, conduct interviews with auditees, review system records, certification records, Management of change records and maintenance records.
  • Produce or contribute to the combined Team daily reports.
  • Participate as required in audit meetings; as a minimum attendance to opening and closing meetings are a minimum expectation.
  • Acting as the responsible electrical ICS Specialist within the audit team, report findings from inspection tasks as per the requirements of ADC’s report writing guidelines. The Lead Auditor assumes responsibility for the preparation of the DRAFT report; the delivery to the ADC Office may be deputised to a member of the audit team.
Safety Responsibilities

Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment by following

  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.
  • Identify potential risks/hazards related to the activities being executed and report on them to the appropriate authority on site.
  • Implement risk reduction plans and ensure that they are fully understood and accepted by all personnel.
  • Participate in the preparation of HSE Safety Cases if required.
  • Identify the need for, and participate in the preparation of, requests for dispensation from established procedures - should this be required for contingency reasons.


  • Valid Offshore Medical Certificates.
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Emergency Breathing System – (HUWET &EBS)
  • Compressed Air EBS
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training – BOSIET
  • Meet regional standards as required for the area of operation.


Required Competencies:
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Capable of producing technical reports, and organising/analysing data.
  • Broad knowledge in electrical, hydraulic and electronic systems.
  • Electrical Electronic systems technical experience
  • CompEX qualified and up to date.
  • HV/LV Switchgear qualified
  • Electronic systems technical evaluation experience.
  • Computer literate, above average skills in the use of Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Fluent in English language written and spoken.
  • Right to live and work in the UK


Medical Requirements:
  • Not colour blind.
  • Capable of climbing high ladders
  • Doe not suffer from vertigo or claustrophobia.


  • Proven Leadership ability.
  • Degree level education or equivalent in related field.
  • Chief Engineer level or equivalent.
  • 20 years’ experience in relevant field.
  • Experience in operation and maintenance of Kongsberg, NOV, Aker or TTS systems.
  • Background in test and evaluation of complex systems.